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My name is Cristian's without "h". I like to start by mentioning this because were ever I go and people need to write my name they always put an "h". I am from America to be more specific South America. America is a beautiful continent specially my country Chile. The word Chile means "between rivers" in the quechua mapuche language, some people say that God built Chile after he had built all of the other countries and he took parts of each country to create Chile that is why Chile has all the climax and weather you find all over the world combine...

Top Ten Signs You Have Been Spending Too Much Time Web Surfing!

Really that can Happen...!

  1. Checking your phone for updates has become a compulsion
  2. The first thing you do when you're planning a trip is research the Wi-Fi situation.
  3. You get nervous if you're going somewhere without Wi-Fi.
  4. your constant online shopping habits.
  5. don't worry the time when your web surf
  6. knowledge the news that other people not have idea
  7. disorder in you habit to go sleep
  8. Watching television shows and movies on an actual TV has become a rarity for you
  9. not have contact social life is going to virtual social life
  10. The quality of your handwriting has plummeted, as you’ve essentially forgotten how to use a pen.

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